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Pictures don't do this justice! Lots of fun giving this beautiful lady a new look! I didn't get a before picture(I tend to forget that alot)!! ❤💇
This momma was waiting till she had her precious little girl to get her hair done! Don't worry she gave permission to post her before picture 😂. As always thank you Lindsey for coming to see me! Love the new look!!
Some fun hair created again today!!! The blue didn't show as well as hoped and in this light but alot of fun!! 💇♥️
Some pretty hair created today! Thanks again Mary for always coming to me! This was a lot of fun! ♥️💇
Fresh cut for my boy Hunter!! Been awhile since I have posted too, but couldn't resist sharing my cutie!
Fresh color and a new cut for this momma to be!! Taking her to the dark side. ❤️ Thanks again Lindsey Sutherland!! 💇
She asked to be blue like her fav teams colors! I think we nailed it!
Thanks Lindsey for coming to get colored!! First 2 are before, last pic is her after. Lighting wasn't the greatest to see the actual depth of the chocolate brown!! Working towards getting rid of the red and getting Carmel highlights!!
Freshened up Kendra's purple!! Looks great a little darker this time!! Thanks Lisa Carr for bringing her over again!
Thank you Brittany Carr for allowing me to be part of your big day, making all your ladies hair beautiful!! I enjoyed spending the day with you ladies doing what I love! I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness! 💗
A little "grape" fun today!!! Turned out so good!! Thanks Lisa for bringing Kendra over! 💇❤️

A nice change for the summer!! A little over 6 inches cut off and thinned out! This pretty lady had alot of hair! ❤️💇
Fresh color and cut for Deb!! Thank you Deb and Rick for coming every 5 weeks to freshen you both up! ❤️
Fresh cut for Rick!
Thank you all for the love and support!! I appreciate all of you! Thank you for sharing my page with others and for the new faces in my chair!! ♥️
Some beautiful highlights done today on this pretty ladies long locks!!! Turned out great! Thanks again Karen for coming!!
Before and after of this beautiful dimentional, and haircut today!!
Mary was done with the blonde! Fresh start to Spring for her! ❤💇‍♀️
Some fun hair created this week!! Before during and after!! I loved creating this, it was alot of fun!! Thank you Amanda Billard for letting me create this!!
Fresh "Blue" for Jamie!! She loved it so much, and wanted more!!
[01/11/18]   Hello everyone!! I'm starting to slowly work back in to taking appointments again!! If your needing any any hair care needs please let me know!! Thanks again for all the love and support! Have a great day and be safe today!!

[01/03/18]   Sorry I havent posted in awhile! We all had the flu, then I broke my foot!! Ill be in a special boot for at least 5 weeks. Im hoping to rest and get back to doing what I love soon! Ill keep you all posted 😀!!
Two of my best clients!! ❤💇‍♂️
A nice clean up for Richard
Fresh color before Christmas for Tina!
I have a helper today! ❤
My new sign!! ❤❤💇‍♀️✂️
Look what came in today!! 😁
[12/16/17]   Thank you everyone for liking/following my page! I truly appreciate all the love and suppprt I have been getting!! It really means alot!! Im still working on a price menu, but feel free to message me with any questions, as well as making an appointment!! If you all could please share so I can get my page out there for others to see as well I would really appreciate it!! My business cards will be in very soon as well!
Jaime will have a "Blue Christmas" but in a good way!! Before, during, and after photos!! Thank you Jaime for coming and letting me make you Blue. 😁💇‍♀️😗
Some of my work ❤💇‍♀️✂️

Jessica's Shear Perfection

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