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219 N Morgan St Condov Plaza

Shelbyville, IL, 62565

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Raunda balayage
Rhonda’s balayage
Extreme Hair Salon's cover photo
Extreme Hair Salon's cover photo
[08/13/19]   I still have some spots open this week if anyone needs a haircut for school:) call or text me at (217)317-0491
[07/15/19]   I have some openings this week:)
Ridley was the salon photographer for the day!
Alayna cut and color
Prom hair Kagan and Sierra:)
Bree cut and color:)
[03/28/19]   I’ve moved the salon to the back of my house on North Long St. my number is +12173170491 for an appt.
Margo color and cut
Tabitha color and cut😉
[01/15/19]   I still have some openings this week. If you would like and appt. please call or text me at (217)317-0491.
Keep in mind gift certificates are a wonderful idea for the person who has everything. Who doesn’t enjoy being pampered? I do senior citizens toenail trims and pedis. It’s important to pay attention to your elderly family and friends foot health! Stop into pick one up.
I’m only using the (217)317-0491 number at the salon now. I’ve gotten rid of the landline. So if you need an appt. call or text (217)317-0491
[11/15/18]   I’ve had a client reschedule so I have an opening. Give me a call if you want in. (217)317-0491
[11/14/18]   It’s time to get your hair ready for Thanksgiving! Gotta look good in those family pics:) call (217)774-5125 or text (217)317-0491 for availability.
[11/13/18]   I’m having some deals on product for thinning hair this week, stop by and check it out. I have openings this week also; so if ya need in before Thanksgiving give me a call or text (217)317-0491 Thanks!
[10/19/18]   I just had a client reschedule so now I have an opening today! Call or text (217)317-0491 if you would like to come in:)
[10/11/18]   I have had a cancellation for tomorrow morning... call (217)774-5125 or text or call (217)317-0491 for an appt.
Boy’s and Men’s haircuts $12
[10/09/18]   We do senior citizens tie nail trims for $10 and senior citizens pedicures for $20. Call (217)774-5125 or call or text (217)317-0491 for an appt.
Pat Macklin will be set up with her CBD oil at Scarecrow Days. Be sure to stop and check her out this stuff works amazing.
[10/01/18]   I have appointments open this week, and I will be working late if anyone need to come in! Call (217)774-5125 or (217)317-0491
[08/30/18]   I’m spots left open this week so give me a call if you need an appointment. (217)774-5125 or text(217)317-0491
[08/13/18]   I will be staying late this week if you need to get your littles in before school give me a call at 774-5125 or text me at (217)317-0491
Marley getting a perm! We had lots of fun:)
[08/08/18]   $2.00 off kids cuts through the end of the month!
[08/06/18]   I’m having a back to school sale $2.00 off kids 13 and under and $5.00 off color for students. I have some openings this week if you need to get your kids in give me a call at (217)775-5125 or text (217)317-0491.
[06/28/18]   It’s been brought to my attention that something is wrong with my voicemail. I have no idea how long I haven’t been getting my messages but I apologize if you have left a message and I didn’t return your call. I’m very sorry. I’m worked g on remedying the situation.

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Extreme Hair Salon

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