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🚨Thanksgiving Hours🚨

We are OPEN Tuesday and Wednesday this week, your last chance to get in before Thanksgiving! Walk-in and see us.

It will be a short week as we will be CLOSED Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

We hope you all have been staying healthy and are able to take this time to spend with family and loved ones. Take care, hope to see you soon!
To clear up any confusion, the recent mitigations imposed on our region and state do not currently affect barbershops or salons.

We are still open as (un)usual, following the same guidelines we have since June!
[08/28/20]   Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day yesterday.
[08/27/20]   We are out of the shop this afternoon.

Come in and see us Friday or Saturday!
[07/15/20]   We are officially caught up on all of our appointments!

We will be closed this afternoon, but starting tomorrow rather than sit and wait for calls we have decided to revert back to the sign-up list style reservations. This means you may be able to get in quickly the same day. We will still be under capacity limits and following CDC guidelines, so you may need to reserve your spot on the list and come back when we are not at capacity. It's still not quite like it was before but we appreciate your understanding and looking forward to seeing you.
[07/02/20]   Don't forget, we will be CLOSED on Saturday, July 4th. Come in and see us tomorrow or Friday before the holiday weekend.

We are under capacity limitations so you may need to check back when capacity allows you to enter or wait inside. This isn't the most convenient situation, but we appreciate your patience as we try to comply with state orders. Masks are still required for now, so make sure you bring one for a haircut. We have some available for $1 if you forget or don't have one.

Thank you, have a Happy 4th!
[06/06/20]   That's a wrap on our first week back! Thank you to everyone that welcomed us back, we are so glad to be able to see you guys again. The amount of support and especially the generosity has been unbelievable. We truly have the best friends, customers, and community. Thank you all SO MUCH!!

We will be taking appointments for the week of June 16 through June 20 by phone starting Tuesday.

Thank you all again and have a great weekend!

[06/04/20]   We are taking appointments for next week. They are filling up fast already, multiple spots are still available for Thursday, Friday and Saturday the 11th 12th and 13th.

[05/29/20]   Thank you everyone who called today to book an appointment!

We are fully booked for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but we still have spots available in the afternoon Friday June 5th and several for Saturday the 6th!

We are only booking for the week of June 2 to June 6 at the moment but will take on the next week soon and maybe a better system.

I will be in the shop again tomorrow (29th) and Monday (June 1st) from 2:00 to 5:00 to answer calls for reservations.


Thank you all again!

The time has finally arrived! We will REOPEN TUESDAY JUNE 2ND! Operations will be quite different for the time being, but these changes are NOT permanent. As soon as we can get back to operating as we had before, we will. With that being said, what to expect is as follows:

What is required of us:
-Wearing face coverings at all times, as well as any other PPE

-Sanitizing stations, capes, and tools between each customer

-Removing books, magazines, water cooler etc.

-Clean and sanitize high traffic areas frequently throughout the day

What is required of you:
-For now, you MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. NO WALK-INS ALLOWED. We will revert back to walk-ins as soon as possible.

-Wear a face covering at all times, including during the haircut. We will maneuver around the mask. If you do not have a mask, we will have some available for $1 each. Unfortunately for the time being, this means NO BEARD SERVICES OR SHAVES.

-Come alone. We are under strict capacity limits and are required to have only the customer receiving the service in the shop. A guardian of an individual receiving a service, or a caretaker is the exception.

-We must ask that you please DO NOT COME if you are showing any signs of illness, most importantly a fever. We may need to take your (hands free) temperature and be forced to ask you to leave and return when you have no symptoms.


We are doing phone call reservations only. We are booking ONE HOUR time slots to allow for proper sanitization between customers. In preparation for a high volume of calls and to keep everyone organized, you MUST SPEAK TO SOMEONE ON THE PHONE TO CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT. This just means no voicemails, Facebook messages, etc. This is a new way of running things for us, so we ask that you please be patient and understanding. There will undoubtedly be a few bumps in the road.

-You may arrive early for your appointment, but will only be allowed inside at the time scheduled.


-At least for this first week, hours will remain the same:

Tuesday 9-5
Wednesday 9-5
Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-1

❗❗I will be in the shop to answer the phone for reservations this FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND MONDAY from 2:00 to 5:00.❗❗

[05/21/20]   Good morning! We are one day closer to being able to cut hair!

As per Governor Pritzker's statement yesterday,

"In Phase 3, personal care services – like nail salons, beauty salons, spas, tattoo shops, hair braiders and barbershops – can open with IDPH safety precautions and capacity limits."

Phase 3 for our region is just about a week away! However, we are still waiting on the IDPH safety precautions and capacity limits. This may require disposable capes, dividers, extra PPE, we just don't know exactly what yet. Depending on how extensive these measures are and how soon we can acquire those items will determine how quickly we can open.

We are just as anxious to get back in the shop as all of you! Stay tuned, we will keep you posted on exact dates and any information we are given moving forward. See you guys SOON!

media2.giphy.com media2.giphy.com How I've been keeping my skills sharp during the shutdown. media2.giphy.com
Good afternoon! I hope you all have been staying healthy and are as ready to get past this as I am.

Today we were finally given some information as to when we can reopen. As much as we would like to be open right now, it is important to us not only to ensure the community in which we work remains healthy, we are following guidelines to ensure the rest of the community can open as well, but to also protect our licenses which are issued by the state of Illinois.

With that said, to my understanding, it looks as though we will be allowed to reopen (as long as our region meets the standards set forth for a retroactive period of time ((I believe our region is on track)) between May 29th and June 1st!

I'm sure when we return things will look a little different, but I am relieved to finally have a date to look forward to. I will provide more information about masks and social distancing as it becomes available. So let's stick this out, we're almost there! Keep doing your part and before we know it we will meet again! See you guys soon.

[04/10/20]   Happy Friday, everyone!

We hope you all are staying healthy and spending what time you can with what family you can. Remember what Easter weekend is all about and remember that we are on our way past all the rest.

We are anxious to get back to work! I am getting shaggy and I know a lot of you are too. (Drop a picture below if you're feeling brave.) Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Stay safe!
[03/25/20]   As you may have assumed, we fall under the "non-essential" category, and so we will abide by the mandate set forth by the state of Illinois and be closed until the mandate is lifted.

We hope all of you are staying safe, practicing good hygiene, and enjoying some of the smaller things in life. We are all affected by this and we will all get through it as best we can together. To those who have reached out to us, we truly value you and you are the definition of community.❀

So hunker down and let it grow. Think about others as much as yourself and check in with your friends and neighbors. We are ready to get back in the shop and we will be there on the other side to get you cleaned up!

[03/17/20]   Upon careful consideration and conversations with others in the industry across the state, we have decided it is best to follow recommendations and shut down at least for this week.

This is a difficult decision, but barbering is a profession with high sanitation standards and high public traffic. We would hate to be cause for any continued illnesses.

While we understand this virus is not threatening to all of us, it is our duty as a part of this community to ensure that we do not contribute to passing it along to someone whom it could threaten.

As of right now, we hope to be open Tuesday the 24th but we will continue to monitor the situation and the recommendations of CDC and barbering community. We thank you for your understanding and we will see you soon.
[03/05/20]   I will be out of town for a funeral on Thursday and back on Friday. I apologize for the inconvenience.
[02/29/20]   We are fully booked today. Thank you everyone for waiting around on a busy day.
It's that time of year and we have already seen random acts of kindness, generosity, and paying it forward at the shop. This is why I love Christmas, small town communities, and Shelbyville!

We have had several people ask, so here is our Holiday schedule. Come and see us all this week, or during the short week before the New Year!
πŸ’ˆπŸ¦ƒπŸ’ˆThanksgiving HoursπŸ’ˆπŸ¦ƒπŸ’ˆ

Tue 26th - 9:00-5:00
Wed 27th - 9:00-5:00
Thu 28th - CLOSED
Fri 29th - CLOSED
Sat 30th - 9:00-1:00

We hope you all enjoy your time with family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Back at it again with the full-size candy bars! As always, make sure you stop at the shop first as it is first-come until we're out! MUST BE IN COSTUME, CHEATERS!!! (Also, please be mindful of the younger kids. I know adults and young adults love candy bars too, but let the kids have their fun. Then steal it from them tonight when they go to bed.)

I have about 350 full-size, about 200 smaller pieces and judging from the last few years, I will definitely run out!

We will be CLOSED tomorrow the 31st so we hope to see you at the Candy Run and back on Friday.

Be safe, dress warm, and have fun!

Look for us in the parade today!
We will be closed this Saturday October 12th as we will be in the Scarecrow Daze parade. Come out, wave to us, and enjoy everything our community has to offer downtown.
Reuzel Hair and Beard Products Reuzel Hair and Beard Products
As of June 1st we have updated our prices and have Reuzel products available again! Please notice some slight changes and pick up some Reuzel pomade or beard balm/foam to keep yourself looking sharp.
Have you heard? We are now running two barbers! Come in and meet Josh!

123 West Main Street

πŸ’ˆAll walk-insπŸ’ˆ
Tuesday 9-5
Wednesday 9-5
Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-1
Congratulations, Josh! Can't wait to get you in the shop. Welcome to the fraternity!


https://www.facebook.com/274645182743984/posts/1115014755373685/ Congratulations to Joshua Wright on his graduation from barber college! Josh is off to cut at Elam’s Barber Shop In Shelbyville, IL. It’s always bittersweet to see another student leave but so gratifying to see such a major milestone accomplished. We wish Josh the very best!
[05/07/19]   A couple closings this week to be aware of: Wednesday, May 8 and Saturday May 11. Our second barber, Josh, set to start next week!
Today is Robb's last official Saturday!! Robb has been working Saturdays for me for the last 3 years despite working 5 days a week in Decatur as well. I cannot begin to list all the ways he has helped over the years. You may see him every now and again on a random Saturday for a celebrity appearance.

Thank you for everything Robb!!! If you can't make it in to see him today, leave him some love below!
[05/02/19]   Congratulations to the (soon to be) Zerrusens! Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day.
He is risen! Happy Easter everyone!
SALE!! Are you insecure about your thinning hair? Have you always wished your beard was a little thicker? Maybe you've wanted to try a new color without the chemicals or permanent commitment.

Well look no further! Elam's is now selling hair! We have had a surplus of hair lately that we have otherwise just thrown away. We thought, what better way to give back than to literally give it back.

We have an assortment of colors and textures, great for covering baldness, creating beards, or simply displaying on your mantle or desk at work. Small bags are $5 and larger bags are $10. Please message if interested.
[03/25/19]   πŸš¨πŸ’ˆπŸš¨ATTENTION!!πŸš¨πŸ’ˆπŸš¨

You will be seeing a new face in the shop working alongside me as we head into the Spring. As most of you know, we have been planning to bring on a second barber, and that time is finally arriving. Let me formally introduce to you, Josh Wright.

Josh has been going to Lockhart's Barber College (The same school and instruction Robb and I received) since July and is wrapping up his final hours before graduation. During this period, proficient barbers are able to acquire hours as an "apprentice" to get acclimated to a shop environment before graduation. Josh has been cleared by the instructor as proficient to apprentice!

Every TUESDAY, starting TOMORROW, for the next month or so, Josh will be working with me until his hours are complete and we bring him on FULL TIME. This will be a great opportunity for you guys to get to know Josh and welcome him to our community. Everybody welcome Josh to the family! (He is tagged in the comments)
Elam's Barbershop is 2 years old today! It's hard to believe we've been here (3 years if you include the first year with Lockhart's) 2 years already, but I couldn't be any happier about it. Thank you all so much for your support over the years. Come on in and have a donut!

(P.S. this spring we will be adding a second full-time barber! Half the wait time!!)
Let's Go Rams! πŸ€

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Elam's Barbershop

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