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Transformation Monday!
Love this silver glowup😍 #wintervibes #silverhair #guytangcolor
[09/23/20]   1 week left before Teacher License renewals!!
If you need CE hrs. Or the sexual harassment class please PM us for more info!
Fun filled day of hands on learning! 🎉Thank You to Creative Expressions Salon for having us again. It’s always a pleasure every time we visit. Thank you to all of the stylists and models who made today an amazing day! You all did a great job with your men’s cuts! 💇🏻‍♂️
Absolutely love this!! Thank you Cynthia for attending our live CE webinar classes!
I love seeing the techniques you learned and implementing them. You did an amazing job!! Your son is adorable 😍 Did the 0 fade on my son that Christina taught on Sunday! Thank you so much for all the tips, Christina! Cutting his hair was so much easier after taking that class!!
[07/21/20]   Illinois stylists, barbers and industry professionals. Are we prepared for another shut down again? We cannot afford to shut down and loose income a second time around. This will cripple our business and result in permanent business closures. Some states are allowing for services to be done outside. If you live in a state that is not warm all year around what is your back up plans? What are some ideas we can put together to help each other out , stay safe and be prepared? Love to hear everyone’s feedback.
What are your thoughts about this?!
[06/30/20]   Thank you to all the amazing participants we had in our two webinar classes on Sunday! You guys were amazing.💯
Stay tuned for July Live Webinar CE Classes!
Last week to register!🤳🏻
Last week to register!🤳🏻
#teacherseverywhere 😂
[06/16/20]   Thank you to all of the participants who joined last Friday’s and Sunday’s live webinar CE Classes!! You all are amazing and made class so much fun.🎉
Don’t miss out on this live webinar for this Sunday!🤳🏻
Last day to register for Friday’s Class!🤳🏻
[06/08/20]   Check out our Live CE Webinars! Hurry up and register to get your hrs in now via webinars and special discounted rates before it ends!
Welcome back professionals!🎉
Today is the day we waited so long for. Today is the day we get a chance to create a new clean slate. As we enter a new beginning and new norm, remember how much you are valued and how appreciated you are. Remember to take lots of breaks to breathe, stay hydrated and calm. We are apart of history in the making and paving a new way of life in our industry for all of the future professionals. Good luck and stay safe!
[05/23/20]   Happy Saturday!
We are adding a Formal Styling and Men’s haircutting Hands on CE webinars along with the state requirement of sexual assault class for the month of June. Special discount prices of only $20.00‼️Please comment below on any hands on CE Class webinars you would like to attend and we will add it to our list. Also now that we are all slowly getting back into the salons and will be busy with appointments what day and time would work best for us to schedule these webinars?! Feedback is greatly appreciated 😊
Formal Styling virtual class for Tricocci students 🌟
[05/16/20]   We had a great live Teacher Webinar yesterday!! Everyone had great knowledge, resources & feedback to discuss with each other! Thank you for everyone’s participation and support! You guys were amazing! Can’t wait for Sunday’s Live Webinar! Don’t miss out, today is the last day to register If you have not done so already! Reopening: All Illinois Regions On Track To Move Into Next Phase All regions under Gov. J.B. Pritzker's Restore Illinois coronavirus plan are currently on track to move into Phase 3 of reopening.
America's Beauty Show by Cosmetologists Chicago UPDATE: Meeting with Governor Pritzker’s Task Force

Dear CC & ABS Family:

Good News! Yesterday afternoon, we had a video conference meeting with Governor Pritzker’s Task Force to discuss the re-opening protocols for salons, spas, and nail salons. On behalf of the team at Cosmetologists Chicago, I would like to share with you the key message points from our meeting. Please review the following.

Key Message Points:

• Thank you. I would like to sincerely thank the Illinois Task Force for taking the time to listen to our recommendations today. Additionally, I would like to thank Karen Gordon, President Cosmetologists Chicago, and Larry Silvestri, Past President Cosmetologists Chicago, for your support and leadership in the development of these recommendations.

• Our license matters. As licensed beauty professionals in the State of Illinois, we undergo over 1,500 hours of formal training before we receive our state issued license. We understand how to properly sanitize our workspace for the safety of our salon guests.

• Novel Coronavirus. We understand that the coronavirus is novel and additional protocols that are in alignment with the CDC guidelines need to be supported. Therefore, we recommended the following additional protocols in support of re-opening our businesses as soon as the State of Illinois authorizes:

a. All salon team members and guests will check their temperature upon entering the salon.

b. Salon services will be performed on salon guests only when both are wearing a mask.

c. Social distancing guidelines will be honored as much as possible. As a guide, salons will utilize every other salon station, shampoo bowl, and reception seat. If a salon has two stations, then each station will be spread apart so that recommended social distancing rules can be honored. Single unit salon suites meet this recommended guideline.

d. If the number of salon guests exceeds the safe social distancing capacity of the salon, then new guests will remain outside of the salon and will be notified when it is acceptable to enter.

e. Salon guests will sanitize their hands upon entry into the salon.

f. Salon team members will sanitize their hands before and after each client service.

g. Each styling salon station will be wiped clean with an EPA registered disinfectant before and after each appointment.

h. Disinfected capes, linens, tools, implements, and brushes will be used for each client.

The Task Force will be reviewing our recommendations and then drafting their suggested protocols to be shared publicly for comment. As soon as the State shares this information, we will post the link. Our feedback matters so let’s review. Thank you in advance.

We are all in this together. With each passing day, our hearts ache for the day in which we can all confidently be the people that we’ve grown to be in the way that we have grown accustom to being. Let’s all keep going, together. We will get through this period of time. One step at a time.

Our next step is re-opening and we hope that our recommendations to the State of Illinois will help us do that in a safe, practical, and affordable manner.

Thank you for being you. We believe in YOU.


Frank P. Fulco
Chief Executive Office
Cosmetologists Chicago & America’s Beauty Show
[05/09/20]   We have two live Teaching Methodology CE webinar Classes coming up next week! Don’t miss out and check out our event tab for registration!‼️
[05/09/20]   We had a great live CE webinar class yesterday! Thank you to everyone who joined and made it a great class!!💕
Don’t forget to tell your amazing dedicated stylists how much you appreciate them today!🎉‼️💫👏🏻💕
We are ready and excited to do a vintage hands on webinar class with Tricocci students this Friday! Don’t miss out! 🔥
[04/24/20]   ‼️Salon Centric Announcement 📢📢

A note from the President of SalonCentric:


Following the recommended Safe Salon Guidelines published by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and in alignment with local ordinances, we have mobilized a team dedicated to sourcing everything a stylist or salon owner would need to get back to work safely. Beginning in early May, we will see weekly deliveries of non-surgical masks and hand sanitizer that we’ll be providing, at-cost, to beauty pros as states re-open. We’ll be layering these absolute essentials with a variety of other products, including disposable gloves, cleaning products, disposable capes and chair covers, and many other items that will provide a safe environment for beauty pros and their clients. We are committed to providing salons and stylists with the products they need the most to get back to work as safely as possible. More details and info to come very soon.
[04/20/20]   Attn: Professionals, We will now be offering live webinar CE classes! Stay tuned as we post up these classes and information. Please PM if you are interested in a particular topic you would like to see.🎉
[04/17/20]   Thank you Tricocci University Elgin
For having us guest speak today!!
We look forward to our next live webinar with you!💕🔥🌟
Attention Professionals & Clients! For all of you who seem to think doing hair is an Essential during a global pandemic.... Now is the time to consider getting your certification as a Mortician. There will be plenty of clients waiting for you. And for all of the clients who keep asking us to break the law , risk our lives and risk our license your next appointment could be with a mortician🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🖤
#wearenotessential #stayhomesavelives
#weareallinthistogether #stayunited #stopmakingourindustrylooklikeidiots #stopaskingustoriskourlives
That’s right either embrace the roots or make them sparkle! ✨ #weallinthistogether #embraceyourroots

Prodigy Hair & Beauty Education Inc.

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